What's on your 'bike it list' ?

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      Every one has a “Bike it list’ whats on your list?

      – Moki dugway
      – New Mexico
      – Baja California Mexico
      – Newfoundland, PEI and the rest of the east coast.
      – Tail of the dragon and more in the catskillls
      – needles highway in SD. (was planed for this year but due to an injury the plan was changed)

      Have you gotten any off your list?

      (in order of importance to me)
      – I rode to my sisters in Sask and drank up all her rum.(June 2016…Came home the next day a bit hung over in some of the worst storms of the summer! It was awesome!)
      – I rode to vancouver island (2008)
      – I rode to the arctic circle two up on the wing.(2015)

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        the 101/1 down the coast with my wife. Did it a long, long time ago, but life has gotten in the way for the two of us to get it done. I thought about Tail of the Dragon, but I’ve seen enough videos to see how incredibly busy it is now, and how incredibly stupid some of the people on it are. Also:
        The Grand Staircase
        Three Sisters

        I’ve rode most of the “great roads” I have/had any interest in.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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