What can a 14 y/o do

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      A few of my relatives said I could get a license and I would just need someone to watch me is that true like I’m not a small guy I’ve ridin big bikes but legally like in alleys

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        Hi, and welcome to the forum!

        As a 14 year old, you will need to get your learner’s permit, and then you can ride along with anyone who has a Class 6 + full Class 5.

        I think that there might be some hourly restrictions that might apply to learners, (ie. no night riding), but aside from that, buy a bike, find some gear, line up a buddy to ride with, and off you go!

        As well, you can ride a scooter (<50cc) with a learner’s permit on your own. Some people might give you grief for it, but I always thought that mine was awesome 🙂


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