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      About the AMC Administrator

      My name is Ryan, I'm 28 and from Calgary. I own both a 2005 Kawasaki KLR650 and a 2007 Honda CBR1000rr. The CBR was just recently picked up and imported from Montana, which was quite the adventure. I've only been riding for a few years but I've gone on a few ambitious road trips, which I hope justify my lack of overall riding experience.

      I currently spend the few sunny and warm days we get in this province riding around the Calgary, Canmore, Kananaskis and Banff areas. I do most of my riding (on either my KLR or CBR) with my cousin (who rides a Kawasaki Vulcan) and friend (who just imported a Suzuki Boulevard M109r2 and also owns a KLR). I don't see too many groups of mixed (sport/touring/cruiser/dual-sport) riders out there on the roads and thought it would be great to have an online community where we can all integrate and share our passion for riding.

      About the Alberta Motorcycle Community

      The idea behind this site is to create an online community where riders can come together, regardless of their riding backgrounds, share their experiences, share upcoming motorcycle-related events, and plan some rides together.

      I also want to make it a place where new riders can learn and get tips from more experienced riders, both online and offline during group rides, meets or events.

      The site is not sport- touring- cruiser- or dual-sport- specific and I intend to keep in that way. I will be very flexible on requests for forum additions or changes so let me know if you have any ideas.

      Once this community becomes well established, I'd really like to help organize larger events and maybe go out and talk to various vendors and discuss discount and sponsorship opportunities.

      My Riding Experience

      In the Fall of 2005, I took the Calgary Safety Council course with a good friend of mine, where I got my class 6. The following Spring we decided to ride down to Cabo San Lucas and back on our KLRs. We figured it would be kind of like a right of passage into to the world of riding… and one hell of a wicked road trip. We went down through Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and California. Then we crossed the Calexico/Mexicali border and rode down along the Sea of Cortez before heading back inland to the main highway and down to Cabo where we took a few days off to relax. We crossed back up into the US through the Tecate border, rode up the west coast of California, Oregon, and Washington. Once in Canada, we rode up to Vancouver, hung out for a few days, then rode back to Calgary. In all, we rode over 10,000 kms in just over 3 weeks. That trip is a whole other story though. I'll post a more detailed trip report when I get a chance.

      As for this Summer, I plan on meeting up with my parents (2006 HD Street Bob) and riding down to Sturgis with them for the rally in August. I've also considered buying a 2008 Yamaha Raider before then but that would require selling the CBR. I'm also putting off the cruiser purchase because I'm eager to see how the new 2009 Yamaha V-Max turns out.

      Well, that's my story. If anyone's got questions or wants to go for a ride, let me know.


      Camping at Pescadero Surf Camp, 10 Miles South of Todos Santos, Mexico

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        Thanks for making this site.

        I have been looking for a bike community in Alberta for a while. I also agree with Everything you have just posted.

        Your Sturgis Trip will be awesome. I rode my VFR800 Down in 06 and had a blast.  Some advice,
        Stay at the buffalo Chip camp ground at least 1-2 nights…
        Get up Early Early Early and ride the needles backwards, this way there is less traffic. Also found it more scenic this way as you slowly gain glimpses of Mt. Rushmoor.
        Bring a Camera

        Thanks again for hosting this site. Lets see if we can’t drive more peopel to use it and ride together.

        because riding with friends is way more fun.

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          Yes thank you for the site. A pic of my bike and a couple that says it all about riding. Hope to meet like minded people who enjoy riding.

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            Yay another interceptor.
            What generation? gear driven cams?

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              You should add the details to your introduction post (=

              L.R 4 life
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                Hello everyone hopefully everybody’s having a trouble free year so far..I’ve been a motorcycle enthusiast my entire life..anything on two wheels makes me happy..I’ve started out on my buddy’s yz80 and new right away that I needed this in my life!
                  Looking foward to getting to know you all and contributing when i can..

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                  Welcome to our forum…

                  Hope to see you posting lots on here!


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