Vegas in May

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      In May I will be travelling to Vegas from Calgary for a 50th birthday party. The trip there will be a 2 day affair but the trip back I am hoping to stretch into 6 days. The plan is to follow route 395 through Death Valley up to Lake Tahoe. Then route 89 to Chester, Klamath Falls, Bend, Walla Walla, Misoula, then north back to Calgary. Total trip length is about 3000 km. Some of the sidetrips I was looking at were to cross the Sierras on 108 and come back across on 88. I hear the Tioga pass is worthy of a trip as well but I understand you need to pay to enter the park and with the CDN dollar where it is we are riding on a budget and the $30 each could be better spent on beer. 🙂 I would really like some suggestions on other POIs and side roads that should be taken. The other thing to note is that we are camping the entire way with the possible exception of one night in a hotel just to wash the grime off. So any suggestions for decent overnight camping would be appreciated. Obviously we are not hauling much so picnic tables, firepits and potable H2O are preferred.

      So far nothing is carved in stone. This will probably be my only bike trip to this area so I really would lie to make the most of it.

      I appreciate all input.

      Here’s a link to the trip in its infancy.


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