Twisties near Calgary

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      I'm interested in some fun mountain roads near Calgary (able to leave, have fun, and get back within six hours). I know there's Kananaskis, but I'm hoping for specific strips of road. For example, highway 1A between X and Y.

      Where did you ride around Calgary that was enjoyable?


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        Only time my bike leans is when on a kick stand.

        That being said, HWY 1A between that X & Y is okay. X & Y being Calgary and Canmore or Banff.
        HWY 40 is decent – from South of HWY 1.
        Lastly, Stoney Trail exit ramps.

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          HWY 1A from lake louise, IMHO, is the best road around Calgary, then HWY 40, HWY 22 south is not too bad either.

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            Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of paved “twisties” east of the great divide in Alberta.  Lots of scenic roads with nice sweepers, but to have some real fun you’d have to be going super-legal speeds.  The mildly entertaining (but scenic) roads that come to mind are:

            Hwy 1A from the Forestry Trunk Road (Hwy 40) to Exshaw.

            Bow Valley Parkway (Hwy 1A) from 4 km west of Banff to Lake Louise.

            This one’s tougher to describe – take 37 St. SW south from Hwy 22X (not far west of Spruce Meadows), go south about 5 km, then turn west at the 4-way stop and follow the road until it meets Hwy 22.

            Hwy 66 west of Bragg Creek.

            Hwy 533 between Nanton and Hwy 22.

            Hwy 6 from Pincher Creek to the Chief Mountain border crossing.

            Hwy 837 south from Hwy 27, then east on Hwy 838 (North Dinosaur Trail) for a ride on the Bleriot Ferry, then continue following it as it turns south then leads you to Drumheller.

            Hwy 11 between Rocky Mountain House and Saskatchewan River Crossing.  Worth it just for the views of the spectacularly turquoise blue Abraham Lake.

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              Thank you all. I appreciate the input and look forward to getting out that way!

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                2nd Gryphon Rider on the Abraham Lake ride…very scenic…not overly twisty, all sweepers but nice none the less.

                Hwy 93 from Lake Louise to Radium, I know getting a ways from Calgary…but is that really a bad thing?  😉


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                  Sounds awesome, thanks!

                  You’re right—getting away from Calgary isn’t bad at all. It’s convincing my wife to let me take the trip. 😉

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