Technical Changes to the Site – Part 3 (Important Fix)

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      I received an email yesterday that the standard CAPTCHA visual verification function was not working (ex. picture would not display), which prevented new users from registering.  I temporarily disabled it and after trying various troubleshooting techniques and applying the recommended fixes from the SMF message boards, I couldn't come up with a fix for this bug.

      For the solution, I have disabled the standard visual verification function and installed the reCAPTCHA for SMF mod, which seems to not only work, but it's suppose to add better security than the original visual verification function. 

      I apologize for the frustration this must have caused for people who were trying to register.

      Other changes:

      – Changed 'Rides / Events' section name to 'Rides / Events / Clubs' section

      – Added 'Alberta Motorcycle Clubs' board under 'Rides / Events / Clubs' section

      – Consolidated the 2 'For Sale…' boards into 1

      – Changed 'Motorcycle Photography' section name to 'Motorcycle Photography & Videography'

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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