Squid-kids of Lethbridge

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      OK, we've all seen them. The professional NOOBs doing the Lethbridge "GranPrix".
      Down Magrath, turn on Scenic turn on 3rd ave..repeat…endlessly….
      Or for even more adventure, reverse the course…and repeat…endlessly.
      This in Lethbridge among the squidies is considered "going for a ride"
      I implore the squidies to continue in this ritual, and leave the roads outside of the city alone.
      The Po-Po know where you are, and concentrate on you instead of us who don't consider traveling from one Dairy Queen to the next, an "adventure tour".
      Thank you.
      No, really, thank you. ;D

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        😀 This is brilliant.

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          Haha, I’ve never had the privilege of seeing these kids on the few times I’ve been to Lethbridge, but I can definitely imagine 😉

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            A buddy of mine worked at a shop on Magrath, (the main straight for the Lethbridge GP) he watched the same group of riders pass by (in the same direction) for several “laps” ::)
            Sad. But true.

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              That’s like group’s that ride from Timmies to Timmies or bar to bar. Lmao.
              But at least theyre riding. So why shit on them?

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                Better to do laps around Lethbridge than laps around the tv channels I guess.  I sometimes do laps around a town much smaller than Lethbridge :(.

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                  I don’t think it’s the laps that are the problem, I think that they are maybe riding like it’s a GP event through traffic…if I remember correct, that’s the “strip” in Lethbridge. My buddy used to drag race and stunt his Mustang there…no better, but that’s where you go to be seen…

                  Makes it dangerous for everyone else.


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