SMAS Attack?

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      So is anyone planning on getting a new ride this year??  or any upgrades/accessories?

      Mine should feel like a new ride after I replace all the broken bits…new forks, shifter & wind deflector…I think I will try out the Yamaha wind deflector…how about you guys/gals??


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        Same ol’ same ol’ for me.  Upgrade the lighting on the Feejer, add a few more “farkles” to the Beemer, and then get out and try and get 50k out of the two of them combined.
        I’m gonna be screwed when the day comes to replace the garbage barge.  Nobody is building anything that fits me that isn’t a V-twin.  V-twins are just not my thing 😛

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          Hoping that after all my school fees are paid for i can afford to get a new seat and maybe add a backrest.

          Have to start preparing my bike for one of the two month long trips i want to do by the end of 2013.
          I’ll also have to add some auxiliary lighting to the front of my bike but that will probably be a winter project for next year.
          I will do a complete tear down of the tupperware on it, in order to clean out the bugs that climbed into it to die and to do some maintenance checks/work on it.

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            long story short, no. I have been getting alot more done since i left so probably not…

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