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      have you ever wanted to try skydiving? me and my sister have and this summer may be our only chance to do it together.

      There is a place near Edmonton that offers skydiving and they have a good deal for a solo 3500 foot dive. $195 an individual or $185/each for a group of 2-4, $175/each for a group of 5-9 and $165/each for 10 or more.

      would like to go in may sometime here's the link we would already have 2 people would like to get 8 more to come since its $20 cheaper.

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        Nope…and I don’t think those guys in the plane are strong enough to throw me out…that and bungee jumping…you can keep that adrenaline rush…

        But it does look like a blast…just not for me…scared of heights…


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          been thinkin about this for years…. im in calgary though  :-\

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