Rear wheel bearings toasted

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      Sounds like you need to sell the MT and get yourself a sled or quad to play with in the winter.

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        I know that I enjoy motorcycling sooooo much that I HATE winter !!!!  >:(  LOL

        BUT if I do go out ….I enjoy quading or Side-by-Sideing (I just bought one this past winter)…I guess if I can’t be on two wheels its got to be 4 !!! LOL

        P.S. Did I mention I HATE Winter !!!!!!  I was luck enough to go to Arizona this past winter……now why was I told about this sooner !!! I think I found heaven…and you can ride 2 wheels year around there !!!  8)

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          Hi Folks;
          Its a good idea to check your wheel bearings for undue friction every time you take a wheel off for a tire change.  Much less surprises that way.
          One can keep wheel bearings in good shape longer by avoiding the wheel bearing seal areas when at the car wash.  High spray washing seems to be the cause of many failures.  The soapy solution gets in, causes the bearing grease to break down and corrosion to occur.
          My two bits.

        Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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