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      Hey guys,

      I just wanted to see what people are doing for riding pants around here. Currently I'm in jeans, but I am quite fond of my butt/legs and would prefer to not see them grated into a meaty streak on the highway in the case of an off.

      I tried on some Icon Overlord pants, but they were terribly baggy. I know they are designed to wear over jeans, but I could have fit another person (also wearing jeans) in them.

      I still like the idea of overpants, as I will be commuting to work this summer. My work is casual enough for (dark) jeans, so I've also been looking at some of the  Kevlar lined jeans (+some extra strap-on knee armour) as another option. I'd prefer not to have to change pants entirely at work, buy some people cycle in, so I supposed it would be no different.

      So, what are you guys using?

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