North region meet up with Southern region members

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      How about some of us Northern members get together (possibly meet up Acheson Petro-Canada\ A&W, East side of hwy 60 just South of Yellowhead). Maybe go for a few short runs. Maybe head out on Saturday mornings…. say 9:am. We could meet others at specified locations to the East, North or South?

      Then some Saturday of Sunday we could make an effort to meet up with those waaaaaay South of us at say …. Timmies at South end of RMH at 1-ish.

      Any thoughts, suggestions ? 

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        I am planning on heading out to Jasper tomorrow and camp overnight either in the parks or by Abraham Lake and then swing down through Banff if the weather holds.

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          I think our season opener is heading that way on May 2nd…would be cool to see you again, and maybe more than just you and I will show up this time, eh Jon?

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            Id  love to get some group rides in, but its tough for me as im in GP all week and have the bike up here. I could take it home (st albert) on weekends, but I tend to get a guilt trip if I take off on the weekend. In the summer inhave fridays off, so maybe one of them if theres anyone else with a friday off.

            But in the mean time I got the bike out ofnthe shop and up here last weekend, just short rides and whatnot after I work im around 500k so far. Its going to be a great year!

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