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      Hi there,
      I am new to the forum and new to riding. Took a great course with TOO COOL and passed my test. However I don’t have a history of riding bikes as a kid or anything and am now 48. I looked at several used bikes and have a question. The Ninja 250 – I learned on those and am comfortable and can maneuver them. However I know I will out grow in at least a year and that is ok. I did see a great SV650 but is that going to be too much and ruin my experience? It is a beautiful bike and and I know I would not out grow it right away – but need to know if it would be too much right away? I am 5’11 and 220 so not a small guy.
      thanks for any advice.

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        First off, Welcome!
        It is good to see that you took a course and congrats on passing!

        Hmmm, how to answer this one….
        Fact – Every bike you buy that is bigger than what you have, is a monster.
        Fact – You will out grow every bike you will ever own.
        Fact – Every different bike will have a different personality that you will have warm up to a bit.

        So the big question, when are you ready? That is totally up to you and how you feel about it.

        Just personal experience here, but a few trips to the local empty parking lot with some pylons and you will be amazed at how much a monster motorcycle(see fact1) can shrink(see fact2). From my stand point a GL1800 wing is just a cute little play toy.

        Most important, enjoy riding whatever you have. Also enjoy shopping. I love shopping for motorcycles.


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          Thanks for the reply – I ended up going with the SV650 and so far so awesome.

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