NHL playoffs 2014

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      So with roughly 10 games left, whos watching? Who's cheering for who, and who looks the best?

      Personally, im a flames fan so im not overly excited but im thinking boston is looking fantastic! And like the contender from the east.

      Not too sure about the west, Anahiem was looking really good but has been stumbling a bit. I'm not a fan of him, but really dont understand why they traded Penner? Not sure about the stats, but seemed to me he could been having a career season.

      I think that by adding Miller and Ott St Louis is positioned for a strong run. Although I thought Halak was a good goalie.

      What about San Jose? They've been a good team for quite a few years, but generally do a face plant in the playoffs. Could this be there year?

      Will vancouver make the playoffs? I hope not, as a flames fan I can say I hate the canucks more than the soilers. I'm also quite happy it was the flames that derailed their season. Since the line brawl and their mental midget coach's suspension I'm not sure they've won 5 games.

      Whst does everyone else think?

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