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      I ride a Yamaha TDM850 as much as possible.
      Be good to meet up with any other owners of this model, if there are any.
      I own three so I could have all the Alberta one's

      Last year I rode to both northern and southern borders of Alberta, NWT and Montana.
      I'm also trying to visit every county in the Province, any excuse for a ride.

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        Welcome to our site!  8)

        Sorry I haven’t responded sooner, but we have been hit by bots lately and I think it is causing a few of our members to not post as often as they might otherwise…I’ve informed the Admin, so hopefully they will respond soon.

        Hope you stay active as the season starts for 2015!!


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          I’m also trying to visit every county in the Province, any excuse for a ride.

          I like your way of thinking. Welcome.

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            I also like the idea of visiting all the counties, Dose that include MDs as well.

            My wife had the idea of riding all of the alberta ferries but even that is a bit ambitious. So far our count is 1….oh well there is always next year.

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              I love the idea of all countys but i am going to add a twist as i am aiming to hit every tim hortons i the province last year i was able to get all listed in edmonton (according to google), calgary, airdire, red deer and all in between north south east and west .my goal is northern alberta (north of edmonton) and southern alberta ( south of calgary) everyone needs a goal lol good luck happy riding

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