My review of Hondas NC700s

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      So this morning i was able to take an NC700s out for a test ride and figured i would post my thoughts on it. Keep in mind that this is in comparison to the bikes i have ridden before (ST1300, C50T, 550 maxim, Switchback, Shadow 750, GSXR 600).

      First off, the weight is similar to that of the maxim and it definitely feels light and feels like it has a low center of gravity, probably because of the location of the gas tank. This lightness gives it easy maneuverability at low speeds. I had the fortune of riding it on a windy day and to my surprise the bike itself handled the wind pretty well, however, with the lack of a "windshield" i definitely noticed the wind and it did cut down on my enjoyance of the ride.

      The seating position of the bike is an upright position but the handlebars are low down giving an impression that you're leaning over the bars like on a sport bike. I found it to be okay but it was on a short ride so i can't say how it would feel after a 1-6 hours. The seat height was lower than my liking, which is why i would go with the 700x model that has a higher seat height since it is designed for adventure-touring.

      Performance of the bike, it definitely does not have as much power as the ST but it does have power for its size. In my opinion it outperforms everything except the ST and GSXR in the power department, and it is only slightly below the GSXR up to a certain point, since it does not have the top speed of a GSXR, but who needs that? I was a little disappointed with the slow speed handling in an empty parking lot. It seemed to have a large turning radius for a bike of its size, similar to one of the cruisers. The ST, GSXR and maxim all have a smaller turn radius than the NC. However, at speed it handled amazingly, it was easy to throw into a corner and take it out of the corner, and has enough available power to quickly accelerate coming out of a corner…so much so I "accidentally" ended up going 100km/h+ in a 70 zone coming out of a 50 rated corner. The bike also comes stock with ABS (never noticed it).

      Other important mentions: the sound of the bike….What sound? i honestly could not hear the bike running until i sat still away from traffic, which i like, could also barely feel any vibrations in the bike. I definitely would not want a passenger on this bike. What i would want to add to it…bigger windshield, handle bar deflectors, heated grips (because i'm never going to own another bike without them).

      Overall, i would buy the NC700X model after this test ride….and i would recommend either submodel to anyone looking for something similar. 

      Any Questions?

      and here is a picture of the one i test rode.

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        Nice to get one our riders perspective on the bike…sounds like a winner from Honda to me.

        All the reviews I’ve read on this bike are very positive…some noting the pain it might be if you had some soft luggage and had to refill the fuel tank (you have to flip up the passenger seat to access the filler)…but really that was the biggest complaint.  You do have to get used to the low revving nature of the engine.  The smooth operation of it, makes it seem like you are just about to hit the power band and you run into the rev limiter…but that is something you will get used to (my bike redlines at 5500rpm, damn big Vtwin)


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          I rode a NC700x yesterday at “Honda’s Ride Days” in Red Deer.

          First things first ……………It’s a better bike than I thought it was going to be !! A pretty neat bike.I thought with the low rev-limit , it would be weird riding it. BUT it wasn’t !! It’s a more normal bike than excepted.

          Startup- Seat very comfortable. Feet flat on ground. Comfortable distance to handlebars. And the sound of the motor…… I really like it !!! Very cool sounding motor.

          The Ride- The Honda rep suggested…when going into corners use a gear (or 2) higher and let the torque pull you thru the corners. Just roll the throttle…and let the bike build power. I said …”ahhh ok ??” Well… it works …the bike is very forgiving that way. It’s got so much low end torque, that going into onramps, offramps, etc….. you can be in a higher gear and still be ok. I only hit the “rev limiter” once….and that was entering the QE2 on an onramp…trying to REALLY speed up to enter. Very comfortable and good view of the road !!!

          Final thoughts of bike – I liked it better than I thought. I asked the”rep” about off-road worthiness of THIS bike. He stated that with better offroad tires (of course)…gravel roads and some logging roads would be fine. The low center of gravity would be a true asset offroad wise. The storage (where the gas tank should be) is really handy. My big full face helmet (XL) fit in there even. Lots of room for storage. Quite a few accessories are being made for the NC700 now. Did a little research last night and people are tricking them out for off-road. The rep also stated the fuel mileage is fantastic….as good as a CBR250r. (around 70 mpg). A pretty good bike all around. For trips, around town, etc.

          Cons- I guess if i had to fault something……it would be the gas cap location. Under the passenger seat. If a person was travelling and had “stuff” on the seat ….you would have to move it. That being said…if you had panniers on it (honda makes them for it) and a topbox……and the storage where the gas tank should be…….chances are you wouldn’t need to put stuff on the seat !!!
          The windsheild ….could be bigger. (after market can fix that )

          Never thought I would like this bike ….but after a “ride” ….has got me thinking !!! (Maybe next year !! LOL)

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