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      Hi Everyone. Hope youre all doing well and getting ready for a new great 2015 riding season.

      I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Sanjay Chadha, I am an Alberta insurance broker, specializing in motorcycle insurance for the last 7 years. I also deal with any personal insurance (home, auto trailers, ATV, Boat, Sled etc..). I am currently a broker for Lundgren & Young Insurance.

      I have been a rider for the last 16 years, grew up in London UK and started riding there, but moved back to Calgary and still love it out here as well.

      I have been a reader of this forum for quite some time, but never have signed up, so im new but at the same time not new.

      For 2015, I have some really awesome products for any kind of motorcycle and driver.

      Here are some details of the products I can offer:

      -Limited Waiver of Depreciation coverage

      -Loss of use

      -Accident Waivers

      -Rental insurance

      -Accessory and riding gear coverage

      -Monthly payments

      -Coverage for drivers with no Class 6 for up to one year at standard rates

      -No Minimum age.

      -No restricted bikes list (sports are allowed!)

      -Multiple bike discounts.

      -Up to 6 minor convictions (not 2)

      I work independently so please call or email me. Id love to hear from the riders in this group.

      My Cell phone is 403-383-0444 and my email is
      Sanjay Postcard Spring around bend.pdf

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