Motorbiking in Alberta

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      Hello all! I created a funny little website about tips and tricks for motorbiking in Alberta. It's mostly a silly site talking about all the fun things we Albertan bikers get to deal with 😉 So if you're interested in a bit of a laugh and want to feel my shared pain head over to
      (This is a school project hosted on their server, hence the weird url. It's safe I promise)

      Also if you have any fantastic roads you've discovered in Alberta feel free to share em with me and I'll add them to the site as well =)


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        Cool Web-page !!!

        You listed all good roads !! (All of which I road !!!) BUT one I really enjoy is ……… Hwy 1A from Cochrane to Canmore !!!  ;D    I rode 3 times this year and love it every time !!! I can’t ride my motorcycle west to Banff and NOT ride this road !!! LOL


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          Very cool site – An idea might be to set up the trails listed as links to google maps, but other than that, well done!


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            HA.. I’m a county music fan and this is the first I’ve ever heard the song Alberta Bound.. COOL Love Canada Salute to our northern neighbors

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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