Mixed Tires? sugested or a do not do?

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      I need a new back tire, I've read some threads suggesting brands and wanted to go to a dual compound road tire as I do a lot of straight line touring and around town.(i wear out the center 🙁

      I have a fairly new front tire how ever that is the Metzler sporttek that seams to be the default tire.

      Is it possible to Swap the rear tire to a Michelin Pilot dual compound and leave the front tire until it needs replacing and then swap it with the Michelin?

      Not riding real hard but want to be safe.

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        You can run different tires. I have done it on sport / tour / motocross for years.
        I was on a tour about 2 weeks ago with about  20+ other VFR riders. Some of the combo’s they ran:
        rear        / Frt
        BT21    / Metz M3
        BT21    / Mich PP
        MichPR  / Mich PP

        A lot of rear tires where based on how they rode ( race/tour )and weather conditions. The Mich Power Pilot front seemed to be the choice of most. Depending on who you talk to, some get great milage, some dont. Question is, “how do they ride”. I know one guy that hit 8,000km on his BT021 rear. He lives in the Kelowna area with twisty roads in his back yard.
        My BT021’s are currently at 11,000 KM…. …. Welcome to Alberta. sigh.

        I will be going with the BT21 rear / Mich Power Pilot ( front ) combo when ready.
        The rear BT021 is great in the rain  storms I have been hit with (  2weeks ago -Revelsotke to Airdrie) and twisties.  The 21 front is wearing a little to fast.

        My $0.02 worth.
        ** check a few dealers in Calgary and  edm. The BT021 are being replaced by the BT023 and some dealers are blowing them out. **

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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