Making workstand more mobile

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      made my workstand a little more mobile. I have limited space, mama parks in the shop in the winter. In it's original form, it would only roll front and back with a bike on it. At that, it was hard to move. So I fabbed up some dollies:

      Made 1 for each end of the cross tubes.

      Made the cross bars from 1" hot roll I sniped from work
      1/4 x 3 flat bar $40 for 20' (have lots leftover for other projects)
      8- 3" casters from Princess Auto (Canadian equivalent of Harbor Freight) $48 (wife works there, I love her job !)
      Handful of SS fasteners $5.00
      So for about 100 bones, made it movable by 1 person and not have to worry about tipping it over. I can now roll it out of the way when not working on it by myself. I love it when a plan comes together LOL

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        I know this is a fairly old post.. But dam that’s slick! I got a buddy that was just complaining about his lift..I’m gonna show him this for sure…thanks

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          Very innovative  🙂

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