Looking for Riding Supervisor/Instructor

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    Alex Wilkinson
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      Hey, I’m brand new to Motorcycles and my only friend that had one moved to Winnipeg!

      I’m in Riverbend in the South East. I just got the bike and am currently learning the basics. There is a nice big empty parking lot nearby that I’d like to scoot over to with someone! I’ll buy the post ride beers. 🙂

      If I don’t reply here just e-mail Alex@SignalsAudio.com – thanks!



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        We have a group that meets in camrose at the recreation centre every Tuesday at 7:00. Every one is welcome, we will bring the pylons.
        Coffee at tim’s usually follows at 9:00ish. We tell great motorcycle stories. Some of them are even true.

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          Not sure if you found anyone yet.
          I live out in Sangudo but I do frequent the south Edmonton area often.
          If you’re still looking for a supervisor

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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