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      Any help is appreciated!

      I started riding an e-bike last summer and considered upgrading slightly after being able to test drive my neighbours 50cc – suffice it to say after riding a bike that goes up a hill without any hesitation and keeps people in town from impatiently trying to run you over while they pass I've decided an upgrade is in order. However I'm not comfortable with a full fledged motorcycle just yet, more-so looking for something I can beat around town in and get used to riding safely first.

      So I was just wondering if anyone knows a place in Calgary or Lethbridge to find a 50cc motorcycle-style (like the Tomos targa, streetmate, ST, arrow, etc) gas scooter either new or used but in great running condition and of course street legal.

      I've tried kijiji, autotrader, I've called motor city fun and theyre all sold out for the season and am awaiting a call from All Season Motorsports. Thanks!

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        Welcome to the site
        I don’t know much about what is available in that area

        Anyways, once you feel like you’re ready to step up to a motorcycle, i would definately recommend taking a rider training course, you could even take one now to gain more knowledge and confidence

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          Have you looked at Honda Ruckus/Zoomer? I actually want one for myself  8)

          stock  🙁

          pimped  ;D

          more here: http://www.hondazoomer.com/

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            @tpadams – thanks! If I step up to an actual bike I would definitely try to find a course, I’ve already looked in fact but the only local one (I’m actually in a small town and Lethbridge and Calgary are the closest big centres) is for class 5 driver training 🙁

            @viken – I have I think I’ve decided I would like a non-“step-through” model of scooter/moped at least that’s what I was told they are called, but rather something like the Tomos moped models or even something like an AMG Nitro or Sachs Madass. I did try my neighbours which is a Yamaha BWs (step-through) and those are definitely fun.

            For anyone who is curious All Season Motorsports in Calgary will order in one of the Tomos LX, ST or Arrow – and as far as I’ve been able to find out importing them from Missoula isn’t currently possible but I couldn’t get an actual person from the RIV on the phone.

            I guess the only question for me now is 1200-1400 on a used 2007 (or later) or go 2300 + freight/pdi and GST for a 2011.

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              If you are really into the Sachs MadAss…check out the review by CMGonline (Canadian Motorcycle Guide)…


              Long term – part 2

              It never hurts to get someones opinion…


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                @madjak30 – I should have clarified I meant I liked the Madass stylistically 🙂

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                  I had a Yamaha BWS50 scooter and LOVED IT !! Bullet-proof and LOTS of fun !!!!!! I even upgraded it with a tinted windscreen and a Givi topcase !!  If you can find an adult ridden used Yamaha BWS (no offence kids)….. they are great !!!!!
                  Sometimes good deals on Kijiji …thats where I sold mine !!!

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                    Not sure if you got one yet buy I’ve got a 2008 derbi bullet Atlantis. Very nice little scooter. Lmk if you’re interested I live in south calgary

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                      I believe that in the past the Calgary Safety Council has run motorcycle classes out of Okotoks, and they might still.  They also do scooter courses.  If you’re buying a scooter, it might be wise to get your MC licence through the scooter course, then buy a scooter that can actually go faster than 50-70 km/h (depending on grade/wind direction).

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                        Thanks for the reply. I have a xc 5-5. Im looking for something more aggressive around 7-7.

                        Thanks though, good luck selling your bike. If it was a medium, I would know someone who would buy it,


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