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      Hello All,

      I just discovered this board and hope to check in and contribute every so often.  I've been riding for a long while and motorcycling is still my primary recreational passion.  I am a former motorcycle instructor and still keep up-to-date on street riding and safety-related skills and information.  I am a member of Calgary's CMA chapter, the Chinook Riders, and also a regular participant in the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club (VRCC) message boards.

      In June 2014 I rode to a VRCC rally in North Carolina and had a blast there.  My wife flew there and back so she could participate without having to endure five long days in the saddle each way.

      On a motorcycle, I am happiest when I am using pavement to clean off the bottoms of my foot pegs!

      I have some mechanical knowledge, and especially enjoy electrical stuff.  My current bike has over 110,000 km on it and I've done all my own mechanical work since the warranty expired.  I'm willing to help others, so feel free to ask.


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        Welcome to our forum…glad to have another member!

        Hope to see you posting on our threads or creating new ones to start conversations  🙂


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