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      Hey everyone, I was just wondering if you guys had any recommendations for insurance companies. Until I get my own bike I'm borrowing my mom's but her insurance company (Aviva) says that they will absolutely not insure anybody under 21 which means I cannot ride hers. They're letting me put my own insurance on it but I've had no luck finding a company. Any suggestions as to where I should look. P.S. I'm 19

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        I would talk to an insurance broker – I’ve used Klondike Insurance in Edmonton since I started riding  (at 20) and it’s been pretty good – they found me a policy with Nordic Insurance. You options will be limited, due to your age, and if you need a more comprehensive policy than third-party, expect to pay an arm and a kidney, especially with a Harley. If you have your own auto insurance, start by calling your broker, they may be able to get some sort of combined deal worked out for you. Good luck!

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          Yes, a broker is your best bet.

          I’m 26 and I use Echelon. They are great!

          Before I had my Class 6 I think I used Nordic or Facility. Through a broker. Be prepared to pay up!

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            Old thread, but just in case anyone else in this position is wondering…

            When I got my first bike (1982 Virago 750, I was 20 years old and had JUST received my Class 6), I got liability through AMA Insurance for $300/year (plus required AMA Plus fees).  Being a young male, I was surprised, as even TD Insurance had quoted more than double that.  I highly recommend AMA, and they didn’t require me to get auto coverage as some companies do.

            However, I found out that I get an union (AUPE) group rate through The Personal Insurance Company.  At 21 years old riding a 997cc Concours, I paid $183 for the year for liability.

            Both of these are direct insurers, and don’t go through brokers.  Hope this helps!

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              Just wanted to add my two cents!

              Did my class 6 written exam and planing to take the road test soon, got insurance (Novex Insurance) through blanket  $218/Year full coverage on BMW 2009 F650GS , I am in my early 40s.

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