I got cut off

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      Yeah. It was horrible. I may never get over it.

      (SOMEONE had to post something here eventually :P)


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        Hopefully you’re not scarred for life… ;D

        I’ve had a close call twice by “old guy in a Class A diesel pusher”…once was a lane change squeezing me over, I was about 25% past him when he decided to come over…I don’t think he saw me until I dropped a couple of gears and zipped out of his way…the other was really no-ones fault, I came around the corner just as he started to come out of the gas station…not a great intersection, as it is more of an off ramp than a turn and the gas station is right there with signage, etc…man can you stop a bike quick…lol…it was either that or enter his storage compartment…I think I made the right choice…

        I really try my best to not travel next to anyone, especially a larger vehicle…you just never know. 😮


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          Always best to assume that everyone else is an imbecile.  You wont be disappointed too often…Defensive driving is key!


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            I got my ass run over on the highway 5 years ago, does that count?  ;D

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