Helmet without safety approval

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      I just bought a AGV Helmet from some Italy website, when I looked around the help, it doesn’t have any DOT, CSR, BSI or SNELL sticker on it. I found a QR code on the helmet, when I scan the code, it will show me the helmet identification.

      How can I wear this helmet without any saftey approved in North America ? 😂😂😂😂

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        Your helmet will be ECE 22.05 certified. The certified label will be inside the helmet, most likely sewn into the chin strap. That certification (ECE 22.05) is recognized by the Alberta standards. Where the law becomes unclear is here – Does the helmet have to display a label on the exterior that faces outwards for the police to see?

        From what I can tell, no such law exists. This was discussed more on Beyond. Here is the link. It should be very helpful to you.


        Edit: You could just put a DOT sticker on it.

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