Hello everyone!

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      I just kind of stumbled onto this forum.
      I'm from around Red Deer. I love riding… pretty much all I do in the spring/summer/fall.
      Also a member of beyond.ca, outdoorsmenforum, furyforums and RDSCC-though that forum is pretty dead.

      I have a few bikes… '07 CBR125, '07 CBR600, '14 CBR1000, and a '11 Fury.

      Also have a youtube channel documenting some interesting moments while out and about on the bikes. (Let me know if you want it linked.)

      I'll be around this forum quite a bit. Love it!

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        Hey welcome to the forum. How do you like the fury? They’re a sharp looking bike..

        Im sure most would like the link- pics, video or it didn’t happen!… lol

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          Another for Central Alberta! Welcome  8)

          There’s a few of us in the Red Deer area. I’m always up for a coffee at Timmies!


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            I’ll post the link to the Youtube page in the photography/videography section.

            The Fury is a good ride. No windshield so your body catches all the wind though. Small fuel tank too. Before I bought it, it was described to me as your typical “Melrose Place” bike… just cruise around town or head to the bar just so people gawk at it.

            Now that I own it, I see what that person means.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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