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      Hi everyone,
      I am a newbie here at the age of 45  ;D . I always wanted a bike on my own since I was a kid.  I am originally from Calcutta,
      when I was young guy then my mom and dad didnt let me buy one and then the ex…
      I have been riding for about couple weeks now and already put in about 350Kms already. It's so much fun! I havent got my
      Class 6 yet but will get it by the end of the season.  The feedback I have received that I was not holding my lane position
      and I was not riding within the speed limit.  Before the test, I really do need to work on that..
      Happy riding everyone and make sure be safe out there. 
      Dont forget to wave…
      Andy Das

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        Welcome to the Forum! My parents wouldnt let me, Then I did, and they took it better than I thought haha

        Ride Safe. Good Luck on your Class 6!!

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          Welcome to the forum. Never to old to start a new passion. Nice bike you bought yourself, 599, very sweet ride.  Good luck on the test and if you have any questions, throw them out. Great mix of newbies that have completed the current test and older experienced riders that can throw some advice out to you.


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            Welcome to our little group… 😉

            I would sign up for a beginner riders course somewhere…they tend to point out things you are doing to help you pass your test…they want to help you be a good rider, and also want to help you pass the riding test…

            They may be a little pricy, but I think they are worth it…when I took mine, I had no street riding experience at all (just dirt bikes when I was a kid, 25yrs ago  ::)), and by the end of the third day I was pretty confident that I would pass  8)…I had lined up the road test for right after the last class…everything was still fresh…but really, they are only concerned with the rules of the road, and that you are keeping your head up and are aware of your surroundings…not as hard as I had thought it would be… 😉

            Good Luck!!

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              A nice all around use bike.  I’m sure it has served you well, if you still have it.  Ride carefully

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