Early rides as the snow melts – newbs on the forum

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      On the way home from work tonight I counted 8 riders on the streets. As there are a lot of newb’s on the forum right now here is your safety reminder.

      1. Gravel will cause your bike tires to slide out from under you like you would not believe. Plastic costs a lot, pain hurts.
      2. The first 15-20 min of rain is the most dangerous part. Until all the oil / crap on the road is dispersed from the cars/trucks and continued rain, you have a oil slick to deal with. With the melting snow, you now have water on the road and its just sitting there. Be careful.
      3. dust / rocks and other items being tossed towards you form the cagers, lots of rocks, visors down.
      4. Dress for the ride – ATGATT. Picking rocks out your hands, knees, arms, ass is not what you want to do.
      5. You crash in the first month – you will hear about it for the next 8 years as to why you went out to early.
      6. Drive like no sees you, because they don’t.

      Be careful, use your head and never be afraid to post up, pm or ask a question to any of the riders on this forum or any forum. Ride your ride, if your last to pull in after every ride, don’t worry about it. I have carried to many friends to their final resting place. It one thing if its beyond your control, its another if its was a easy choice to back off. Your newb status will get replaced by rookie, then you move you up the ladder to experienced rider. Notice the word squid does not make it my list, that because I don’t ride with them.
      Epic rides and adventures await you and the chance to make new friends. Make sure you’re there tell your part of the tale.

      This may sound preachy, but after what I saw 2 younger newbs do tonight on my way home just made me shake my head and I am sure one sh*t his pants.

      Ride Safe

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        Very sound advice.  I am taking the two bikes out of storage next weekend.  They are stored out of town.  The highway should be fine, but once I’m in town I’ll be riding like “grandma” until I get them to the bike shop.  They will stay there to have a bit of work done to them for the week and then MAYBE I’ll get them out full time after that.
        Everyone should keep in mind that cagers in Edmonton and Calgary are notorious for being poor drivers, and you always hear the same tired excuse of “I didn’t see the bike.”  We all know that is usually because THEY ARE NOT LOOKING.  Placing blame aside, keep in mind people are not used to seeing bikes yet, the roads are a disaster this year, TONS of gravel and sand on the streets, and everyone still needs to get their “bike legs” yet. 
        Safe riding everyone!

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          Oh beleive me Gumby, Calgary and Edmonton don’t have the “poor drivers” market cornered…they’re everywhere…lots of people drive with their heads in their nether regions… 😉

          Just ride as if you are completely invisible…then you should have a chance…and yes, lots of sand and gravel at all intersections…I think we will need lots of rain to clean it up, or the street cleaners…but chances of seeing them before June are slim…


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            Actually, I could not believe my eyes last Saturday evening.  149 st. just south of yellowhead trail in edmonton, they were taking the sand and gravel off the street.  I almost dropped dead of a heart attack lol.
            And yes, there are bad drivers all over the province, it’s just that they are so concentrated in those two cities hehe. 

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