Distracted drivers

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      I'm not looking to incite any road rage, but when you're out riding, what do you do when you see someone yapping on their cell or worse, texting?

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        Pass them, get into another lane. You can give them a look and some go sheepish and stop, others tell you go F yourself or a select few will go the road rage route.

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          I have to confess…I text & drive on my way to and from work…6hr drive…it’s a terrible habbit that I will break before someone gets hurt.  Even using the voice to text technology, you have to read the responses…not good  :-[

          Bad madjak, BAD!!

          Thanks for bringing this topic up, awareness is key to correcting the problem (and getting it thru some very thick skulls)


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            I’ve seen lots. From putting on make ups, rolling grass, having a meal with utensils… etc.

            Best to get out of their way or away from them.

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