Chain Lube- How often and with what??

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      How often do you guys lube your chain on the bike ?? After EVERY ride or every 2nd ride ?? Or even longer ??

      And with what ? I hear some people "clean" their chain first…then lube. Doesn't a person have to becareful of the O-Rings ?? What do you do ?? 

      And lube with what ??
      I have been using "Bell Ray Chain Wax"…. I like it as it hardens up on the chain and does seem to fling off.

      And also …I try to lube when chain is warm as it seems to attract to the chain BUT can (or should) a person lube the chain when its cold ??  I know it's a dumb question BUT I do wonder ??? LOL

      I was just wondering what others do and with what success ???

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        I lube the chain every four to five fuel ups, so 800 to 1000 kms.  I clean the chain about every third lube.  I don’t know if that is good or bad, it’s just what I do.  If I am going to head out on a long ride, I will clean and lube the chain to be ready or if I end up riding a lot of dusty, dirty or gravel roads…I will clean and lube the chain on my return.

        Last year I used Castrol Chain Lube & had no problems except for the black grease that flung everywhere, but this year I use some coloured grease I found at Turple Bros (Honda/Suzuki/BRP/KTM dealer in Red Deer).  I’ve also started puting the lube on and letting it sit for about 20-30mins before riding…I’m still figuring this all out myself.

        Here’s a pic of the lube & the kerosene that I use to clean the chain with the help of an old toothbrush…(sorry for the blurry pic, the lighting was crappy & the camera wouldn’t focus)

        And here is a pic of the result (with about 300kms on the lubed chain, dirty rim & all)


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          I lube after ever tank of gas (200 km).  When I got my bike the guy had just lubed the chain for me, so I thought this would have been good for 1-2000 km – I didn’t have a central stand so I was trying to put off lubing until later.  I wanted to bring it in for service but couldn’t get an appointment until a few weeks (all this meant I kept putting chain maintenance off).  I rode in the rain a few times too.  I noticed there was a lot of play on the chain and when I finally got it in for servicing the mechanic nearly had a stroke when he saw the state of it, in fact a few of them went over to see it.  They said my failure to lube and adjust cost meant that the chain was dead and should have had 3-4 times the life of what I let it have.  It cost $340 to get it replaced.  An expensive lesson.

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            Before  O ring chains were invented, we used to clean the chain with a scrub brush then put it into a pot with some grease put the pot on the BBQ until the grease melted.  After the grease cooled down and solidified we would wipe off the excess grease.  Good to go.

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              I used to use Maxima Chain Wax ( and would apply it at the 800km – 1000km interval per my owner’s manual, always applying it to a warm chain that had been run for 10-15 minutes.  As for cleaning the chain, there are special chain cleaning brushes and solvents that are engineered to prevent damage to your o-rings while cleaning off excess grease.  I myself never used them, I just kept the chain lubed and didn’t mind that it was a little dirty.

              Admittedly, there were guys that cleaned their chain and I’m sure that it not only kept their bike cleaner, but their chain too.  I cannot say if they got better life out of them.  I was happy with my chain life.  Do remember that it’s not 100% about chain lubrication, but proper adjustment as well.

              I had a buddy with a ZX-6R.  He got close to 30,000 km out of his chain, all due to proper lubrication and adjustment.  And he wasn’t easy on his bike either.

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                andrew. You can still help me with my car if you want. Lol. Or. Some friends and i are putting a meet together next month if you wanna join us for that?


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                  Chain lubing depends a lot on what conditions you ride in.  If your bike sees lots of gravel, then maybe lube and check your chain at the end of each ride.  Cleaner operating conditions allow for longer intervals, but for the cost of the lube compared to the chain / sprockets, lubing every fuel tank fill-up has its benefits.
                  Wet riding demands daily lube.  Best to do it as soon as you get in from your ride, while the chain is still warm.  Check your adjustment weekly,(when cold), to ensure correct chain / sprocket loading.  If on a long trip, check it daily
                  My two bits

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