Almost New Dainese Racing D1 Jacket – Euro 46

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      I'm selling my barely broken in Dainese Racing D1 jacket!

      This jacket is less than 3 months old! I picked it up when I got my new bike, and wore it on a few rides, but I have realized that it's too big for me.  I really should have been more careful when checking to make sure that the armor held firm on my arms, and jumped on a bike in the showroom to make sure that the jacket didn't bunch up when I got into a crouch.

      Unfortunately, I can't return it, because I've already worn it, so I'm selling the jacket and ordering the exact same one in size 44.

      This jacket is amazing. The leather is soft that there is absolutely no break-in required. The padding is robust and well placed, and there are pockets for a back protector and the Dainese's chest protectors. It has basically every piece of technology that Dainese could throw into it, and it looks great.  Also, despite being white, the jacket cleans really well, meaning that you won't have bug guts permanently smashed into your favorite riding gear.

      I love the jacket, but I really wish that I had ordered the right size. My mistake is your gain!

      I'm asking $550, which is a full $200 off of retail, for a jacket that has been worn less than a dozen times.

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