2003 Suzuki GS500E

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      Here's my info
      Name: Wayne
      Age: 39
      Location: Sylvan Lake
      Years Riding: First season
      Bike info…
      Name: Don't normally name my posessions…
      Year: 2003
      Make: Suzuki
      Model: GS500E
      Purchased: April 2010
      Kilometers: at purchase 23500 ish, now 26800 ish

      And a couple of pics…

      And one once on the road…

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        I spent a good 2 months debating weather to go for the GS or the Ninja, I love how they look, my brother has the exact same bike as you, just a F not E.

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          The bike shops here in Red Deer have some pretty good guys working there, but the Kawasaki dealer didn’t have any Ninja 500s in stock…I really liked the Versys, but too much money for a first bike…maybe the second, but I am leaning toward a cruiser…

          The Suzuki dealer had a GS500E in the show room that I sat on and really liked…even though it is a little small for me, or atleast feels like it…everything I read said that both bikes were very good starter  bikes, and most said the Ninja was slightly better…I found my GS on Kijiji and it was only 8 blocks away from my house…the right price and location…the GS wins…??

          I love my little bike, and I am having a blast learning how to ride on it…I took the beginner rider course here in Red Deer, which I’m glad I took…I learned a lot of good habbits, instead of bad ones…

          If I had to buy again, I might look for a bike with farings…but mine has the wind screen, so not too bad…I took it off to see what it was like (I like the naked look better), but once I hit hiway speed, I headed straight home and re-installed the wind screen…too much buffeting without it…


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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