2002 Kawi Ninja 500R “Stella”

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      Firstly, heres a little about me
      Name: Stuart
      Age: 20
      Location: South Edmonton
      Years Riding: Still haven't learned
      And more importantly, Information about my love.
      Name: Stella
      Year: 2002
      Make: Kawasaki
      Model: Ninja EX500 or 500R
      Purchased: June 11, 2010
      Kilometers: 25000ish

      Heres a few pictures of her

      Would love to see everyone else's Bike(s)

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        you’re ride is also slick my friend!!  ;D 
        surprised i havent seen you busting about on the south side…

        i keep my eyes open!
        saw a 500 down in calgary on the weekend though!

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          I haven’t noticed you either, But I haven’t seen many ninjas really, its odd. Seeing as everyone says its a great learning bike, none the less, Its an amazing learning bike In my eyes

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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